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Introducing all new pricing for the Schminke Tennis Academy’s racket stringing service. Stringing services are now cheaper then any local club or big box shop With a turn around of only 24-48 hours. We also offer custom racket stencils. it’s impossible to beat this service. Pick up, and delivery are now available as well for a small charge dependant on location. Check out our brand new prices below:


Racket stringing: $15 - $30/racket depending on string type

*All restringing jobs come with a new overgrip

We offer a variety of string types from synthetic gut to poly. Ask for recommendations. 

Replacement grips: $6 (includes installation)

Custom racket stencils: $10 for new designs, $2 for future reapplications

*check out pictures below for examples!

We offer a variety of over grips and vibration dampeners for only $2

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storm trooper.jpg